Friday, January 21, 2011

Assignment Three

My mission is to encourage those around me by using the talents God has blessed me with.  I will use the talent of listening to hear and understand problems, ideas, and wishes of my friends, family, and classmates in hopes of helping them come to an absolution.  I hope that through my words, habits, and attitude those around me will be able to see Christ in me all through my life.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Assignment Two

      Being a good leader is hard enough as it is; however, there are several ways to see your leader beginning to fall before it affects too many people.  These signs are Ethics Slip, Lost Love, Poor Communication, Risk Aversion, Poor Self Management, and A Shift in Focus.  These are important from greatest to least as I have them listed above.
      When a leader begins to loose the ethics that made him or her a great leader to begin with is the moment that he begins down the path of failure.  This is the most important sign to me because with the other signs proceeding it you are still able to set the leader back on track; however if their ethics change there is little you can do about it.  Also when ethics change that is when things in the world force are done that everyone knows is wrong, but they feel they must do it because their leader is asking them to.
      Secondly, I believe that the sign of a Lost Love is the second most important because when a leader looses the love of the cause he is leading or just leadership itself he is not going to do as good of a job as he is capable of. That lack of sincerity will lead to others getting upset with him and possibly losing his followers all together.  The leader may not ever try to keep his followers of what he was leading for at this point because he no longer cares, and at this point there is not turn around the face that the falling leader has now fallen.  The sign is still not as important and when Ethics Slip because if your leader has lost his love there is little that you can do about it, where in the sign above it is still possible to help you leader back on to the path to success.
        Poor Communication is the next in line of importance for signs that your leader is falling.  If the leader is unable to communicate with his followers little is going to get done.  The followers will not be able to understand the leader if he can barley follow his own thoughts.  This, however, is something that can easily be fixed.  If at one time you leader was able to communicate well all you need to do is tell him to think about what he wants and please come back with a clearer way of stating his idea.  Also this poor communication can be caused by a Shift in Focus. This Shift in Focus is the next important sign.  This shift will be seem through more micromanagement with may cause the poor communication that you are also seeing in your leader.      
        On of the smallest signs you will see that your leader is falling a Risk Aversion.  If your leader is unwilling to take risk because he does not know how it will end up he is just beginning down the long path of leadership failure.  There is plenty of time at this step to steer you leader in the right direction. That is why I see it as one of the least important signs of failing leadership. And the least important of the signs is Poor Self Management.  I think this is the least important because it can be helped by his followers and is the earliest of the signs so it is the easiest to fix.  Although some are easy to fix and others are simply unchangeable, you should constantly be looking for these signs of leadership failure so you can fix and sat you leader back on track as soon as possible.


Assingment One

"Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

Unpredictable circumstances, people, and actions fill the world around us.  There are few things that you actually have the ability to completely control.   You can not control what others do to you or the weather day to day, but you can control what you think about others, what you say to others, and how you act every day.   The author of the passage above coveys to the reader that they must control the things that can be control because those are the things that affect what you can not control.  If you do not keep a hand on the things that you think, they will turn in to the words that you say.  The words you say, if not what you really wish to be heard, can affect you in a negative way.  So the author is trying to say watch you thoughts so you can late manage your words and stay away from unwanted situations. He is saying the same with the other words as well.  Words, actions, and habits are all things that you can control; however, if you do not control what you can while you can you can be put into unwanted situations that can be avoided.